Team Up and Dream Up!

Just A One-Time Out-Of-Pocket $75 Donation!

It’s $25 every 28 days to become an Active Donor, and $75 gives you 84 days to permanently set your fundraising efforts on autopilot. We believe when you begin at $75, it will be a one-time out of pocket donation and it will give you all the time you need to be on track to reach your goals.

Allsubsequent $25 donations, beginning on day 85, will come out of your blockchain wallet.

Just 3-Steps to an abundant lifestyle!

Just 3-Steps

Step-1 Give a one-time out-of-pocket $75 donation and become an Active Donor.

Step-2 Share your campaign with 3 or more who become Active Donors, that covers your future donations.

Tradition-3Have your 3 or more do the same because that makes you a Qualified Donor.

Multiple ways to receive donations!

  • Your personal efforts
  • Efforts by your Team above
  • Efforts by your Team below

How Do I Get To Every Month A Million?

It’s so amazingly easy, just help 3 who become your personal Active Donors and they do the same!

Ultimately you will receive $1,042,235 in donations every 30 days, that’s a whopping $34,741 every day forever!

That’s with just 3 who help 3. Imagine if you help 10, 100 or what you can receive! The more you help others, the more you help yourself, it’s another time-honoured tradition.

Every Month A Million Unique benefits!

  • Subscription Fundraising
  • Receive $$$ Immediately
  • Receive donations forever

Receive 3 types of donations!

  • Initial donations
  • Renewal donations
  • One-time donations

3 Types Of Donors In Every Month A Million

  • Campaign Donor
  • Active Donor
  • Qualified Donor

Become a Qualified Donor quickly.

  • Maximize Donations
  • Maximum Generations
  • Unlimited Donations

Who can raise money using Every Month A Million?

  • All Individual Causes
  • All Charitable Causes
  • All Business Causes

When and how do I receive my funds in?

  • Donations are immediately deposited to your wallet
  • You receive your money immediately
  • You can withdraw your funds immediately

Who should I help?

  • Friends and family
  • Circle of influence
  • Strangers

How can Every Month A Million help me?

  • Help you pay your bills
  • Help your favorite cause
  • Help fund your big idea

You get help raising funds!

  • You're never alone
  • Great tools & support
  • Multiple websites

Team Up and Dream Up
Right Now!